Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Little Black Bugs In Poop


We all fell in love with Lucy Lawless when we first saw on the television series Xena Warrior Princess , we captured the strength, courage, intelligence, skills, which were many, we could point out endless qualities of our girl, but if you think about it, what was really what we call the attention of Xena in the series? .

not, but I caught her beauty, her hair black as night, eyes that invite you to continue watching her through the screen, captivating smile, that constantly arched eyebrow and that made you shudder, that body that just by looking at you salivating.

Throughout his career we have seen lucy in series, movies, singing, ect, this time we want to let images of Lucy Lawler
, but with something different, and therefore we have chosen different types of LOOK that our girl has been so far.

Without further ado, girls and boys, with you: LUCY LAWLESS


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